11.04.2016     |     Company, Exhibitions, Machine Tools and Plastic Processing Machines

Romi presents its portfolio of machines in the most important tradeshow for the industrial sector in the UK

The company will display at MACH 2016 the best solutions in machining and injection for the local market

Santa Barbara d’Oeste, April 2016 – Romi, leader in the Brazilian machinery and equipment industry, with 85 years of history and over 150 thousand machines installed worldwide, will participate in MACH 2016, biennial exhibition dedicated to industry manufacturing in the UK, which takes place from 11 to 15 April in Birmingham, England.

This event does more than promote the network of the industry players, it aims to present the newest industrial technologies, including machining, milling, turning, metrology, additive manufacturing and tools, to name a few.

In its booth, Romi will display five machines:

  • CNC lathe ROMI C 510, medium machine that offers great flexibility and precision in operation. Visitors will be able to machine whatever they want, proving how quick and easy it is to operate this type of equipment;
  • Turning center ROMI GL 280M, which is composing an automated cell together with a Kawasaki robot. This cell will be machining a stainless steel corkscrew throughout the event, item that will be distributed to the visitors;
  • Machining Center ROMI D 1250, machine capable of machining 3-axis in the same setup with X-axis of 1250 mm. Flexible and very productive this machine is well suited to the needs of the local audience;
  • Machining Center ROMI DCM 620-5X, equipment capable of machining 5-axis in a single setup, offering agility and precision to the operation, which will be machining a miniature of a car manufactured in Brazil by Romi in the 1950s, the Romi-Isetta, from a 300 mm aluminium square block;
  • Injection Moulding Machine EN 70, demonstrating the breadth of Romi’s portfolio, which also manufactures cast and machined parts in Brazil and special machine tools in Germany under the brand Burckhardt-Weber.

Romi has a subsidiary in the United Kingdom, located in Rugby, England. From there, it sells machine tools and plastic processing machines, also, offers spare parts, services and technical support.

To Luiz Cassiano Rosolen, Romi’s CEO, to participate in this event reaffirms the Company’s commitment to its customers’ satisfaction: “The UK market is very important to Romi, considering both the services we provide to customers who already have our machines as the potential consumption of our products. We have a local team very well prepared, high quality products and great interest in finding, for each customer the most appropriate solution. “