Social Responsibility

We are committed for developing a transparent management, with all type of public for which we are engaged in relationships (shareholders, collaborators, service providers, venders, customers, government and environment).

For that, we did established goals to sustainable development of society, while preserving environmental and cultural resources, respecting diversity and promoting reduction of social inequality.

Along our existence, it is our business vision which guides the company across continuous development.

Social Balance

According Ethos Institute, Social Balance, the main point of social responsibility management, is comprised by the entities which spread it as a fundamental tool for consolidating a business culture which makes stronger transparency and allow to the society to know and value the efforts of companies towards matching economic success and economic results, from the socioenvironmental point of view, that is, towards sustainability.

It is also a instrument of dialogue with interested parties, as the communication of opportunities and social, economic and environmental challenges is very superior than the simple response to an information request, making it a key ingredient for construction, sustaining and continuous improvement of the engagement of stakeholders.

We keep a policy of benefits for outs collaborators, aiming to the sustainability of our instruments available. Over and above, we look for, by us or by Fundação Romi, which we are supporters, to perform social investments in the favor of the community, within the same policy.

Since 2003, beyond we intent a rate of 1% of the income tax to FDCA (Children and Adolescent Rights Fund), we also adopted an incentive program for our collaborators, in order that they also intend a rate of their income tax as natural persons.

Romi Foundation

The Romi Foundation began its legacy in 1957, in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste – Brazil, by Américo Emílio Romi and his wife Olímpia Gelli Romi. With a mission to promote social and human development through Education and Culture, the Romi Foundation is a pioneer in promoting the regional community and carrying out social actions, benefiting an average of more than 30 thousand people annually, through its two main axes: Education and Culture.

At the Center for Integrated Education, its Kindergarten, Elementary and High School, provides an integral, autonomous and protagonist education for children and teenagers. Also, through its Historical Documentation Center, it promotes heritage education projects for Elementary School, for recognition and knowledge of local history as an element of culture and citizenship.

Its Historical Documentation Center also carries out the Technical Processing of the memory of the city of Santa Bárbara d’Oeste – Brazil, to guard, preserve and make the collection available to the population for consultation and research.

Among the units of the Romi Foundation is also the Santa Bárbara d´Oeste Cultural Station which, through free, cultural and training workshops, projects to foster the creative economy, raise cultural status and socio-educational actions serves thousands of people a year.