Series ROMI C

Plastic Blowing Moulding Machines

Sopradora por Extrusão Contínua Linha ROMI C
Servoválvula Moog Sopradora por Extrusão Contínua Linha ROMI C
Servovalve Moog
Cabeçote modular Sopradora por Extrusão Contínua Linha ROMI C
Modular head with vertical view-sripe system
Motor e redutor acoplados Sopradora por Extrusão Contínua Linha ROMI C
Motor and reducer attached directly to the extruder
Series ROMI C


Plastic Blowing Moulding Machine by continuous extrusion with versions in single table (blows double bottles up to 5 liters with handle) and double table for high productivity. Stands out for its larger mold area and high clamping force.

It has automatic deflashing and extraction of standard parts, besides the option of view-stripe application. It has a parison programmer with 512 profile points and independent temperature control in the heating zones of the head.

Available only for brazilian market

Series ROMI C

Main technical features

*Estimated production for High Density Polyethylene with a fluidity index of approximately 0.23g/10min. Medium, with load of 2.16Kg/190°C (E) Standard ASTM1238
Thread diameter mm  70  80
Plasticizing capacity in PE*kg / h  100  160
Maximum Closing Forcet1414
Hydraulic drive power kW (cv) 11 (15) 18,5 (25)
Series ROMI C


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