Corporate Events Calendar

– Earnings Reporting (after market closes)

2/11/2020 Annual Financial Statements – 2019
4/28/2020 1Q20 Earnings Result
7/21/2020 2Q20 Earnings Result
10/20/2020 3Q20 Earnings Result

– Conference Call

2/12/2020 Annual Financial Statements – 2019 Conference Call
4/29/2020 1Q20 Earnings Result Conference Call
7/22/2020 2Q20 Earnings Result Conference Call
10/21/2020 3Q20 Earnings Result Conference Call

– Annual Shareholders Mettings

2/13, 2/14 and 2/15/2020 Call Notice’s publication
2/13/2020 Sending of the Call Notice to B³, with the Management Proposal
3/17/2020 Annual Shareholders Meetings

– Scheduled Board of Directors’ Meetings

2/11/2020 Board of Directors’ Meeting (approval Annual Financial Statements 2018
3/17/2020 Board of Directors’ Meeting (election Executive Officers)
4/28/2020 Board of Directors’ Meeting (approval 1Q19 Financial Statements)
7/21/2020 Board of Directors’ Meeting (approval 2Q19 Financial Statements)
10/20/2020 Board of Directors’ Meeting (approval 3Q19 Financial Statements)

Full schedule is available at this link (portuguese only)