Corporate Events Calendar

02/09/2021Complete Annual Financial Statements and Standardized Financial Statements – DFP for the fiscal year ended 31 Dec. 2020
05/31/2021Reference Form – related to fiscal year
07/31/2021Report on the Brazilian Corporate Governance Code – Public Companies

Quarterly Financial Statements – ITR

04/27/2021For the 1st quarter of 2021
07/20/2021For the 2nd quarter of 2021
10/26/2021For the 3rd quarter of 2021

Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

02/11/2021Submission of the Management Proposal
02/11/2021Submission of the Call Notice
03/16/2021Submission of the Summary of decisions or Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting

Public Presentation of results

02/10/2021Conference Call referring to 4Q20 earnings
04/28/2021Conference Call referring to 1Q21 earnings
07/21/2021Conference Call referring to 2Q21 earnings
10/27/2021Conference Call referring to 3Q21 earnings