ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T

CNC Boring

Mandrilhadora CNC ROMI Lazzati HBM
ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T
Mandrilhadora CNC ROMI Lazzati HBM cabeçote
Mandrilhadora CNC ROMI Lazzati HBM guias
Mandrilhadora CNC ROMI Lazzati HBM mesa rotativa
Mandrilhadora CNC ROMI Lazzati HBM sistema de refrigeração interna
ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T


The boring machine ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T, equipped with CNC SIMENS, shows high capacity for chip removal, flexibility, accuracy and productivity on milling, drilling and tapping of large size parts, such as those employed in sectors of: oil & gas, ethanol, naval, energy power generation  and other from base industry.

Equipped with Rotary table NC (axis b), it allows parts positioning in any angle, allowing for machining complex and interpolated parts. It can support parts of up to 12,000 kg and high machining loads, with excellent stability of the set.

In order to keep heat stability and machining accuracy, the machine is equipped with thermo-stabilizer system, which spreads the heat generated by the bearing housings of the spindle.

ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T

Main technical features

ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T
Ø Live Boring Spindle mm (in)130
Spindle taper ISO50
Max. Rotation Speed rpm5 a 3.000
Headstock Vertical Travel (Y axis)mm (in)2.000 or 2.500
Table travel (X axis) mm (in)4.000
Longitudinal Column travel (Z axis) mm (in)1.800
Live Boring Spindle Travel (W axis) mm (in)800
Rotary NC Table Surfacemm (in)1.500 x 2.000
Max. weight allowed (uniformly distributed)kg (lbs)12.000 (26.500)
Tool capacity un60
Main motor (reg. S2 - 30 min)  hp / kw79 / 58
ROMI Lazzati HBM 130T


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