07.10.2016     |     Exhibitions and Plastic Processing Machines

Romi participates in the world’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber: K 2016

Romi reinforces its global attendance consolidating its position among the most
important manufacturers of injection moulding machines for plastics processing.

Santa Barbara d’Oeste, October 2016 – Romi, important global supplier of machinery and equipment, with 86 years of history and almost 160 thousand machines installed worldwide, from October 19th to 26th, will participate in the largest and most important global event for the plastics and rubber industry: K 2016, in Düsseldorf, Germany.

k_header_desk_945x192This is the third time Romi participates at K. This year, Romi will present in its booth 3 injection
moulding machines ROMI EN 170, ROMI EN 600 and ROMI EL 300 SPEED.

ROMI EN line covers machines from 70 to 1100 tons of clamping force and has hydraulically actuation driven by servo pump, which offers more power, speed and accuracy, providing excellent repeatability of movements, both in short and in long cycles. The injection moulding machines ROMI EN 600, ROMI EN 800 and ROMI EN 1100 are equipped with two sets of servo pumps, which allow concurrency in nearly all movements, increasing machine productivity by 20%, and providing higher ratio of injection, greater plasticizing capability and faster closing movements. The ROMI EN line offers versatility to different segments, such as technical parts, automotive and packaging, and can make multi-material injection, like PVC and PET. The ROMI EN line also stands out for its low power consumption and excellent performance.

ROMI EL 300 SPEED is an electric injection moulding machine for fast cycle with high rate of injection, especially designed to meet thin walls applications, food packaging, disposable and housewares. It has larger moulding area with 730 mm between columns and plate with dimensions of 1,040 mm. Its injection ratio reaches 1,170 cm³ / s with maximum pressure of 2,200 bar, with fully electric actuation. It has full concurrency in all movements and is rated 10+ in energy savings according to Euromap 60.1.

These machines are equipped with the new CM20 control panel. With high speed and processing capability, full HD 19″ multi-touch graphical interface, the CM20 command adds even more precision, speed and advanced features to the line of plastic processing machines produced by Romi, providing a quite intuitive programming interface. With full connectivity, it’s possible to access the panel through browser, tablet or smartphone. It offers an interface with MES systems, remote services and resources for Industry 4.0.

The high-tech machines and the quality and reliability of its services make up the package of solutions that Romi offers to its customers worldwide from its subsidiaries and extensive range of dealers, spread across all continents. “Our constant presence at K reaffirms the strong business relationship between Romi and the European customers. Our team is ready and willing to offer all the technical support, advising our clients on the best application and the better functioning of our products to suit every need, “says Luiz Cassiano R. Rosolen, Romi’s CEO.

João Inácio, manager of Romi’s operations in Europe, highlights the perception of the customer: “The machines manufactured by Romi offer performance, robustness and flexibility, aiming to increase the productivity of those who use them. European customers have found in Romi a different partner, then, being the manufacturer of the product, can offer a close, assertive and technically qualified post-sale service. ”

Exporting capital goods since 1944, Romi has experience in supplying machines worldwide and managing sales and services through its subsidiaries located also in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, USA and Mexico, as well as dealers in many other countries.