Corporate Governance

Listed on the Stock Exchange since 1972 and on the Novo Mercado since 2007, ROMI has the best practices of Corporate Governance permeated in its culture.

In its Report on the Brazilian Corporate Governance Code, updated annually, ROMI informs about its compliance with governance practices.

As for the governance structure itself, ROMI has the following governance bodies and areas:


In 2021, ROMI joined the Ethos Institute's Business Pact for Integrity and Against Corruption, by which signatory companies undertake to disclose Brazilian anti-corruption legislation to their employees and stakeholders, so that it is fully complied with. In addition, they commit to prohibit any form of bribery, work for the legality and transparency of contributions to political campaigns and strive for transparency of information and collaboration in investigations, when necessary.


After joining the aforementioned pact, ROMI joined the Ethos Institute, aiming to map the situation of the ESG theme in the company and improve it, based on the diagnosis and recommendations of the aforementioned institute. This work is in constant improvement.

Find out how we conduct our business, the shareholding composition, the managers, the minutes of meetings (AGO/AGE/RCA), the communications (material facts, news and notices to shareholders) and other information about corporate governance.

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