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Indústrias Romi S.A.
Rodovia SP304, km 141,5
Santa Bárbara d'Oeste -SP - Brazil
CEP 13453-900

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February 10 , 2016
Português brasileiro

A brief history of Indústrias Romi S.A.


The Santa Bárbara Garage


Romi Video - 2007


Indústrias Romi S.A. was founded by Américo Emílio Romi in 1930 as an automobile repair shop in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil.


  • 1930  – Business begins as the “Santa Bárbara Garage”.
  • 1934  – Begins manufacturing agricultural machinery.


  • 1938 – Changes company name to "Máquinas Agrícolas Romi Ltda.
  • 1941 – Manufactures first engine lathe, the IMOR TP-5.
  • 1944 – Begins exporting lathes. Argentina becomes first foreign market.
  • 1948 – Manufactures the TORO, the first tractor made in Brazil.
  • 1956 – Manufactures the “Romi-Isetta”, the first Brazilian car.

  • 1957 – Romi Foundation – legally established.
  • 1962 – Change of corporate name to “Indústrias Romi S.A.”
  • 1966 – Installation of the Central Marketing Unit in São Paulo, Brazil, start of direct sales through our branch offices.

  • 1972 – Becomes a publicly held company by listing on the São Paulo Stock Exchange.
  • 1973 – Manufactures the first numerically controlled (NC) lathe in Brazil.

  • 1974 – Begins manufacturing Plastic Injection Molding Machines.

  • 1976 – New foundry commences operations.
  • 1978 – Plant Unit 11 opens and begins producing special and heavy-duty machine tools.
  • 1979 – Plant Unit 15 opens and begins producing Plastic Injection Molding Machines.
  • 1985 – Romi Machine Tools, Ltd. is incorporated in the USA as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indústrias Romi S.A. to support Romi’s products distribution network in North America.
  • 1986 – Plant Unit 14 opens and begins producing electronic components and panels.
  • 1987 – On June 25, machine tool number 100,000 is manufactured: an I 30 model engine lathe.
  • 1990 – Plant Unit 16 opens as a clean environment to produce Turning and Machining Centers.


  • 1994 – The Foundry Industrial Unit becomes ISO 9002 certified.
  • 1995 – The Romicron® High Precision Boring System is introduced.
  • 1996 – Machine Tools and Plastic Injection Molding Machines become ISO 9001 certified.
  • 1998 – Romi Machine Tools, Ltd. begins operating at its modern new facility in Erlanger, KY, USA.
  • 2000 – The Machine Tools Technological Center (CT-MF) opens at Plant Unit 11.
  • 2001 – Romi Europa GmbH, headquartered in Germany, is created as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indústrias Romi S.A. to support Romi’s products distribution network in Europe.
  • 2003 – All the Company’s products are re-certified ISO 9001 (2000).
  • 2004 – The Plastics Injection Molding Machines Technological Center (CT-IP) opens at Plant Unit 15.
  • 2005 – All the Company’s facilities in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste are certified ISO 14001 (2004).

Romi celebrates its 75th anniversary on June 29.

  • 2006 – 50th anniversary of the Romi-Isetta.


The Romi Quality System, which covers all the Company’s products, is recertified ISO 9001 (2000).

  • 2007 - On March, 23rd , it happens the solemnity of the migration from the Romi's traditional Market to the New Mercado Bovespa.

 On May 18th,Romi signs the agreement for assets and contracts acquisition , with CNC Services Ltda, company settled in Santa Barbara d'Oeste, SP.


On June, 29th, Fundação Romi completed 50 years of life, acting inside Santa Barbara d'Oeste, with its actions, projects and programs, benefitting a significant portion of the population inside its area.


In June, Industrias Romi begins the works for the project implementation ISO TS 16949:2002, in order to improve the administration of  quality system (ISO 9001:2000), complying with specific requirements of the automotive industry.

  • 2008 – All the Company’s facilities in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste are recertified ISO 14001 (2004).

 Acquisition of JAC Indústria Metalúrgica Ltda., a Plastic Blow Molding Machines manufacturer, based in Americana, São Paulo State.


Romi Italia srl is established in Turin, Italy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indústrias Romi S.A., created to support the company's activities in Europe.


In July, Romi concludes the acquisition of the assets of Sandretto Industrie srl, a traditional manufacturer of Plastic Injection Molding Machines, with factories located in Grugliasco and Pont Canavese, in the Turin area, Italy.



  • 2009 - In February, Romi acquires the complete line, including the business and technology, of Plastic Blow Molding Machines for PET preform from Digmotor Equipamentos Eletromecânicos Digitais Ltda.

In April, Romi starts the operations of its Plant Unit 82 - UF 82, the new Foundry, with an initial casting capacity of 10.000 metric tons.




In May, aiming to reinforce its core business on the production of Machine Tools, Plastic Processing Machines, Castings and Machined Castings, Romi transfers the Romicron ® operation to Kennametal Inc.



Start of the operations of the new plant for Heavy-Weight Machine-Tools - UF 19, focused on Vertical and Large Horizontal CNC Lathes.



Romi signs agreement with Italian company Lazzati spa in Rescaldina, around Milan, for the manufacture of CNC Large Boring Machines.


In November, Romi celebrates admission to BM & FBovespa’s ISE index, a Corporate Sustainability Index composed of stocks from companies that have a high degree of commitment to sustainability practices and corporate governance. The Brazilian sector of machinery and services debuts at ISE by Romi.

  • 2010 - In January, the Quality Management System of Industries Romi receives recertification in accordance with ISO 9001 version 2008.

In May, Romi launches its Heavy Weight Machine Tools line at Mecânica 2010 fair, in São Paulo, designed to meet the infrastructure demand investments.


In June, Romi signs agreement with Italian Company PFG spa for the production of High Performance Boring and Milling Machines.


In June, Romi achieves 80 years of activities.


In June, Romi reaches the mark of 150,000 machines produced, a Vertical Machining Center Romi D 800. This is a milestone in Romi and Brazilian machinery industry path, and reflects the productive capacity and soundness of the company in its 80 years of experience. 



In October Romi launches, at K fair in Germany, it’s Sandretto Electric Plastic Injection Molding Machine - the Sandretto EL 150.


  • 2011 – In May, the new P series of Injection Molding Machines, which combines low cost with high technical features


In may, Romi launches 9 major new products: the Vertical Machining Center with traveling Column ROMI DCM 3000; the Vertical Machining Center ROMI D 1000AP Direct Drive; a new version of the ROMI PH 630 Horizontal Machining Center; the ROMI GL 170G, ROMI GL 350 , ROMI GL 350M and the ROMI G 550M Turning Centers. Romi also released the Centur 40A and the Centur 60, 60A and 60B Heavy Duty CNC Lathes, herein the Romi T-Series of Universal Lathes, an evolution of Tormax Series.



June: beginning of UK sales of the new EN Series of Plastic Injection Molding Machines – marketed in Brazil as ROMI EN Series.


Presentation, at the 10th edition of the Brazil Offshore oil trade fair, of the Romi Centur 50 (Big Bore) CNC Lathe, aimed at the of steel pipes turning, used in oil extraction and transport.


In August, Romi starts the manufacture of the largest vertical lathe ever built in the southern hemisphere, the new VT 5000 CNC Double-Column Vertical Lathe, suitable for large parts up to 7 m in diameter, 6 m tall and maximum weight of 90 tonnes.



August: Beginning of the activities of Romi subsidiary Sandretto Mexico, that will operate both Romi and Sandretto brands.


In December, is cast the largest part ever produced in Romi’s UF82 Foundry: a column that integrates the VT 5000 CNC Double-Column Vertical Lathe. The clean piece has a weight of 44,850 kg, exceeding the weight of the base of the same machine, that weights 36,870 kg.



Announced the acquisition of the German company Burkhardt + Weber Fertigungssysteme GmbH, a leading machine tools manufacturer. The deal expands the product portfolio and expands the global operations and markets of Romi.


Romi shows highly productive machinery at EMO 2015
Romi shows its global strength at Southern Manufacturing 2015
Romi consolidates its position in the international market presenting its new machines at K 2013
Romi conducts workshop in congress in France
Romi Europa opens its doors in Germany
Romi, through its Sandretto brand, opens its doors to display their latest new ranges of machines

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